410 Maps,Background Information

CBC  TV News Video from Nov 19, 2009 Re: the 410, click here
April 16th, 2009 Delegation to the Region of Peel
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Also check the NEWS page for any updates and further information that becomes available  on a regular basis.

We will attempt to keep everyone informed as to any progress on the  highway or the Valleywood Blvd connection as it becomes available to us.

NEW Information is contained in these documents and can be seen by clicking on the document.
Zoning C-11
Map 87-250
CH Zone

The Enterprise article of April 7, 2011 can be seen here as a screen shot of the page.

More Information on the MTO changes to the Valleywood Blvd signage and lanes coming in April. Storyboard in the library will be explained at this meeting. See the What's Happening tab for further information