The Valleywood Resident Association has submitted the following Part II Order Request (P II O Request) to the MECP (Ministry of Environment and Climate Protection) regarding the Town's Spine Road Environmental Assessment (EA):
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Signal Light Legality - VRA has some concerning documents

Good Morning Minister Jones.

Please see the attached image for evidence the Province & Town of Caledon appear to have zero concern for fire & emergency services in Valleywood.

No OPP directing traffic

No Flagmen

No Detour Signs for stranded drivers

No Fire & Emergency north of Valleywood

No secondary Access Egress if an accident occurs at the intersection

No southbound Access to the nearest hospital if an Accident occurs at the Intersection

No Volunteer Inbound Access if an Accident occurs at the Intersection

Please see the attached DP2011-060, pg 15. The hatched area is expert testimony of the Fire Chief in 2011 warning of safety concerns of signal lights if installed at the exact location you are now installing them.

With utmost respect, I ask on behalf of the Valleywood Resident Association, (which has key-stakeholder status on record), please personally provide any/all relevant Section(s) & Subsection(s) of any Ontario Act, Fire Code, Provincial Policy Statement within your authority which can substantiate MTO having a greater authority than that of access/egress for Fire & Emergency Services Infrastructure.

The reason we ask you to please personally respond is because we have multiple examples of evidence of being “officially misinformed” which can be legally construed as unfortunate but clerical in nature; therefore non-punitive in nature.

This being the case, I have also attached a copy of an excerpt of the Environment Assessment Act which supports our reasoning for our requesting your personal response as compared to you dispatching someone to respond on your behalf. It reads as follows:            

                34. No person shall knowingly give false information in any application, return or statement to the Minister...

Given the authority of your Office, & the gravity involving a human safety topic, we expect you could have this information on your desk rather immediately which would not incur the long response time involved with a Freedom Of Information (FOI) request.

In light of this information your office could consider as  “New & Relevant” regarding Human Safety, we feel justified in respectfully requesting that you hold the decision for installation of the Signal Lights in abeyance until the legal clarification/confirmation we request has been received & vetted as allowable & non-conflicting with all Ontario Law.

Please instruct OPP to provide Point-Duty Traffic Control during peak periods.


Thank you in advance for your forthcoming response addressed to:

Valleywood Resident Association,

c/o Nancy DiNardo, President,


Sincerely & Respectfully,

Rob Harrison



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